A dog bite can be a traumatic event resulting in serious injury. Multiple deaths are reported each year as a result of the most vicious attacks. Often a bite will result in permanent scarring, nerve damage and a significant risk of infection. Many times there is psychological harm that lasts well beyond the physical injury.

If a dog’s bite has broken human skin you must report it to the Animal Control Facility in your area. If the dog is loose they will require the owner to pen the dog for several days to make sure they don’t have any diseases like rabies. This is the quarantine process. It is important to do this after a dog bite to protect other people who may get bitten by a dog so the authorities can determine if the dog is dangerous and a continuing threat. It is also important to do this to protect the health of the person who was bitten.

It is also important to report the dog bite if there was an injury. This report will be evidence for the insurance company, and if need be, a jury. The evidence will help you get all the money you deserve for a bite.

Another way to document the bite is with photos. Be sure to take good pictures of the wound right away and as the wound heals and finally if there is scarring left. A trip to the doctor is also advised in order to get good evidence of the bite.

Liability is often more of an issue in dog bite cases than in car accident cases. Be sure to get the name and address of the owner of the dog as well as the breed. Also get the name, address and phone number of any witnesses of the event, as well as the information on anyone saying they have seen the dog biting someone else.

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