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Excellent Injury Lawyer Recommendation

5.0 Star Rating by Wendy on AVVO

I was recommended by a friend to seek Mr.Moreno’s legal advice as a injury lawyer. Mr. Moreno was able to assist my friend with a positive outcome. My husband and I were pleased to meet and discuss my case and felt confident that we had chosen a good injury lawyer. John is an Honest man looking out for his clients. Always looking for their best interest. He was a great communicator and flexible with time.

Throughout the entire process of my case he explained and clarified everything. We could trust John with all recommendations and decisions about the case. Because of his professionalism and expertise , I would definitely recommend him to anyone seeking injury lawyer. If I was in need of assistance again I would contact John Moreno.

First Rate Lawyer and First Rate Legal Service

5.0 Star Rating by James on AVVO

I have engaged Mr. Moreno’s legal service for almost 20 years when I was living in Sacramento and also after I’ve moved away. Mr. Moreno has represented me in litigations, in small claims and unlimited civil cases, both as the plaintiff and defendant, and he has been able to provide me with sound and prompt legal advice for business and personal matters.

Mr. Moreno is personable and cares about his clients and he is always willing to provide the necessary service and advice needed to get the job done.

I would not hesitate in recommending Mr. Moreno’s legal services, particularly in personal injury matters, which is his specialty.

Committed and Honest

5.0 Star Rating by Linda on AVVO

I am very pleased and delighted with Mr. Moreno’s handling of my case. I recommend him as my first choice and plan to use him anytime I may need help.

Excellent Lawyer

5.0 Star Rating by Grace on AVVO

My father needed a lawyer due to a leg injury. John was referred to us by a friend. I contacted John and shared my father’s case with him. He asked us to see him in his office to review and documents and then gave us a recommendation. John was professional and very helpful throughout the entire process. He solved the case within a year of opening the case. My father and I were very satisfied with his services. Throughout the entire process, John kept good communication and did an amazing job at working around our schedule.

He was very flexible with staying late and working around his lunch hour. When we felt unsure or uncomfortable with certain parts of the case, John made sure to explain and clarify everything. My father and I felt that we could trust John with all recommendation and decisions made for our case. John Moreno was a great choice for us and we recommend him if you need an injury lawyer. Great person to work with.

Injury Lawyer Recommendation

5.0 Star Rating by Joshua on AVVO

I was in a situation where I needed an injury lawyer and was referred to him by a family member.

He filed all the necessary paperwork and appeared in court when he needed to. I had to do minimal work which was great because I was already having to go to physical therapy and doctor visits. The process took longer than I anticipated but the outcome was worth the wait. The couple of times I visited his office he was cordial, friendly, and focused on my case. His office is located in a nice building and he has refreshments available.